Eliminating unsightly stumps is what we do!

Contrary to what most homeowners may think, the stump is not pulled or dug out of the ground, thus eliminating a large empty hole left behind from the digging of the stump or damage to the surrounding area.  The most effective way of stump and root removal with little impact on your surrounding area is by using specialized equipment which grind away the stump and surface roots, leaving biodegradeable wood shavings in place of the stump. Our selection of stump grinders are advanced powerful machines that are small enough to fit through a 36" garden gate, with the exception of the tractor mounted grinder.  The variety of our grinders and level of service is what sets us apart from the competition.  Most times our smaller unit is what is needed to get the job done. Depending on the terrain and size of the stump we have the option to use the best equipment for your job.  All of our stump grinding operations follow industry rules of operation.

 Now, for the details…

How to measure your stump for an estimate
The proper way to measure a stump is not across the diameter of the cut, but rather the longest distance accross at ground level.  Please refer to the measuring example photo in our gallery section.